Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DIY Wednesday! 5 DIY's You Don't Want to Miss!

Do It Yourself posts are actually my favorite kind of posts to write about on the blog! Actually, that's really what kind of a blog that Made In The Shade started out as. All my posts were pretty much DIY and how to. I eventually broadened that and post about a lot of different things now, but I still love going back to these. I went back through my archived posts and found some of my most popular DIY posts and put them all together for you here. All you have to do is click on the link!

If I had been more in tune with blogging lately, I would have posted this earlier in the summer, before most of the bachelorette parties were over. But better late than never right?! If any of you out there are looking for a DIY bachelorette party, and ideas that are low cost, look no further than this post ---> CLICK HERE! I love all the girly details in this one! 

Along the lines of weddings, in this particular post I made a banner for my sister's engagement photos. If you have a wedding coming up and want this tutorial (it's so easy!) then follow this link ---> HERE! This could be used for so many events, parties, and pictures. It doesn't have to be just for a wedding! {Engagement Photo by Josh Marshall at Sunlit Images}.

Looking for some new desk accessories to brighten the coming winter months? This tutorial offers so many options! Anyone can do this DIY, and the best part is that you can use any colors that you want! I would love to make one with pink glitter - that may just be in my future! You know the drill - follow the link for this DIY! ---> CLICK ME!

 If you're like me, you're not especially ready for the winter months to be here. However, fall weather would be okay by me. I don't want to jump the gun too much, but I may bust out my fall decor the before the baby's due date at the end of September - which includes this banner. This was one of the first DIY's I ever did, and it still hangs around our house now! Here's your link! ---> HERE!

 Wondering how to make cost effective and cute party favors? Look no further than this post! These were so easy to whip up, and were a favorite at a party I hosted. The supplies and time invested are minimal, and it was relatively easy on the wallet. ---> CLICK HERE!

 Let me know which kind of DIY's you love to see!