Friday, June 5, 2015

Unique Father's Day Gift for Every Type of Dad

For me, shopping for men is the hardest kind of shopping to do. Whether it's my dad or my husband, it's just hard for me to find a unique gift that I know they'll love and that isn't clothes. I feel like I'm always buying them clothes. 

If you're like me, you start the gift hunt early, because you know you'll take a while to find the right one that fits that person exactly. So I've spent some time narrowing down the choices for you! Here are some unique gift ideas for the dad in your life!

Unique Father's Day Gifts

{one} - The Outdoor Dad

If your dad loves the outdoors, and doesn't mind or even enjoys cooking then this is a perfect gift! It's definitely unique, and it's affordable. This book has recipes to cook while you're camping! This is the perfect time to try something new. While s'mores are great and everyone loves them, why not try a new dessert over the fire? Click here for the link!

{two} - The Traveling Dad

If your dad is a dad who travels, then this passport holder is for him! I've bought several gifts like this from Pottery Barn, and they always arrive great. Plus, this one is on sale now! You can choose whether or not to have it personalized, which is a great extra touch for Father's Day. What better way to keep track of all your things going to and from airports? Go here for your link!

{three} - The Funny Dad

Etsy really is the best place to find different and one of a kind stationary. I've bought a lot of cards and invites via Etsy over the years, and sometimes you have the option to print it yourself, which means you can have it instantly. If you dad loves humor, and the cards from the store just don't cut it, there are a ton of Etsy shops that have the laughs. This one was one of the funnier ones to me, and so true. There are so may choices though, give yourself some time to browse! Click here again for the link! (Photo by Julie Ann Art).

{four} - The Beer Dad

Brewing your own beer is the "in thing" now it seems. And if you don't brew your own, many people just have an interest in it and enjoy trying new beer out. What a better way to save all those unique caps, and keep them on display? This is perfect for a man cave or bar area in your dad's home. Plus, it's easy decor and he won't have to worry about what to hang on his walls! Here is your link! (Photo by The Cork Box).

{five} - The Beard Dad

I bought my husband some beard oil (a different brand) and he loved it! Not to mention it smelled good. If your dad sports a beard all year round, this is a great option for a gift. It's also great if he's not huge on cologne, because these tend to smell really good! Just remember to tell him a little goes a long way. You can also find several other varieties of these on Etsy as well. Here is your link to this particular one!


  1. great ideas!

    xoxo, Preeti

  2. My dad is the Beer Dad and I love the idea of saving the bottle caps. Love these unique choices. I hope you have a great weekend! XO


  3. It is so hard to shop for dads when I feel like they usually have so much already hah. My dad is kind of a combo of all of the above. Good ideas, girl!

  4. My dad is soooo hard to buy for. He never wants/needs anything and I always struggle every year finding a good gift!

  5. What a great post - so many good gifts :)


  6. awesome post and great idea..

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