Monday, April 13, 2015


Weekends always go so fast!! I think they fly even more now that we can actually do outside things and enjoy it. We celebrated a bachelorette party for a wedding my sister and I are in in May. We ended the day at wine and canvas! I feel like my paintings never turn out like the example, but it's still fun anyway!

I had to take down our Easter decorations on Sunday. They brightened the place up so much, that I hated to take them down. But I brought out the summer stuff, which I just don't have a lot of. I think that means i need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby soon!

Ollie enjoyed all the sunshine this weekend, and Ryan got in his first mow of the season. Ollie was so worn out he slept pretty much the whole next day. We're keeping our fingers crossed for great weather next weekend, so we can go camping!

We stopped at the Nordstrom Rack to shop! We didn't find a ton, but my sister found some workout pants, and I found some running shorts. Elastic shorts are about all I fit into now! I need to make a trip to Old Navy and start looking at the maternity section!

Here's to this week going by fast!


  1. We have a 'paint and sip' in our area that I've really wanted to try, it looks like a fun girls night out. Also we're getting a Nordstrom Rack in Albany next year and I couldn't be more excited.

  2. I love wine and painting parties!! I have done two--but your paintings are so much cuter than the ones we did ha! I love the colors--you did a great job!!


  3. weekends should be longer now that we are pregnant....who's with me?

  4. Girl, I have been under a ROCK. I am SO thrilled for you all and the arrival on a little one! Congratulations and a big hug to you :)

  5. I think your painting looks great! My friends and I are thinking of trying it out, we have never been!

  6. Always love a trip to the Rack! Good look with maternity clothes!