Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summer Party Ideas!

Summer is just around the corner! We've already been starting to think about some summer party ideas for this year. Along with camping, it's one of our favorite things to do in the warm months! I searched pinterest for some of the best ideas, and here is what I came up with! 

Summer Drinks for Summer Parties
Photo by: Divas Can Cook
 This melon ball punch looks so delicious, and so pretty too! You can find the recipe HERE! it looks relatively fool proof to make too. It also appears that you can make it with or without alcohol, which is always a summer plus!

Fun Summer Games
Photo by: First Home Love Life
If you want your party to be kid friendly, or maybe adult friendly too (haha!) then THIS is a great and fun option! If it's an especially hot day, then you could totally add a ton of ice to this to make it more refreshing! I think even my husband would like this game!

How to Throw a Summer Party
Photo by: Cooking Classy
I'm not going to lie, this looks good enough to make right now. I love salsa, and the restaurant style is so good. If this tastes anything like that, then I'm sure it's amazing. You can get the recipe HERE!

Fun Party Ideas
Photo by: Beauty and Bedlam
This seems like such an awesome idea to me! I'm not sure why I've never thought of this. It's like a cooler, but but a little more pretty looking and party friendly! I'm totally thinking of doing this for the baby shower this summer. You can find the rest of the post at THIS site.

Summer Party Ideas
Photo by: Listotic, Industriojuice
I feel like this is a great way to fancy up your summer party! Plus, a lot of people like lemon and lime in their water. The muffin pans are a great idea, and they could make a lot at a time. You could really put any kind of fruit into this! Click HERE for the recipe! 

Have you started planning any parties for the warmer weather? What are your party favorites?


  1. I love the lemon/lime ice idea! I'm not a huge party thrower but these ideas make me want to become one :)

  2. This just got me so excited for warm weather, outdoor parties and BBQs. That melon ball drink would definitely be a party pleaser.

  3. Becky - these are all awesome! Makes me want to plan a back yard bbq asap!!!

  4. Omgsh just great ideas--love the lemon ice cubes and the kiddie pool filled with ice--so perfect for summer parties!


  5. Fabulous ideas! Not sure if we'll be entertaining a ton this summer with the new baby, but I will definitely keep these ideas in my back pocket!

  6. Great post! I need to try that salsa asap! I will have to keep lemon/lime idea in mind!

  7. How adorable is that punch?! Love it!
    xo Southern Style

  8. That melon ball drink looks delish, I need to figure out how to make it an adult drink! lol!

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