Friday, April 10, 2015

Wall Vase DIY

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite things in my house that we made! It can be tailored for each season, and was relatively easy to do with my husband! Which means it makes it super fun to decorate! I've had these up in our house almost since we moved in, and they are still one of my favorite things to decorate for each season!

Hanging Vase DIY

Supplies you'll need:
-3 frames (Hobby Lobby)
-Vases with a tapered middle (JoAnns Fabric)
-6 eye hook screws (Hobby Lobby)
-thin wire (Hobby Lobby)
-Stones (Hobby Lobby)
-Flower arrangement (Hobby Lobby)
-3M stickers (Meijer)

You first need to decide how high up you want your vase to sit in the frame. Once you find this spot, you will screw in your eye hooks into the inside back part of the frame, where the wire will eventually go through to hold the vase in. My husband actually did this just using his hands. We used barn wood frames.
Hanging Vases

Then, you will take your vase and wrap the wire around the middle, twisting a few times to tighten the wire around the vase. It's important to use a tapered vase, because one that is the same width all the way around won't hold the wire well. It will slide right out. It was actually a bit difficult to find a vase like this. I finally had luck at Joann's, and they had a few options. 

Vase Decor DIY

You will attach the ends of the wire through the eye hooks, and pull tight. Don't leave a lot of slack in the line, because the vase will get heavier once you put the flowers and stones in. You don't want the vase to sag. Cut off the edge of the wires so they don't show in the frame. Here is what the back of the frame will look like.

How to Make a Hanging Vase
Vase in a Frame

Our frames came with a picture hook attached, but if yours don't you can easily put them on yourself. You can find these at Hobby Lobby as well. After you are satisfied with how the vase is hanging, you can put in the flowers! I put a few stones in the bottom to keep the vase weighed down, and for decoration. If you want, you can skip the stones. They aren't necessary. You can switch the flowers up depending on the season! The way the vases sit, they may pull the bottom of your frame off the wall once you have it hanging. We used 3M stickers on the bottom back of the frame to keep it against the wall. You may not have to do this depending on the height of your vase in the frame.

Helpful tips:
This is a more expensive DIY. To keep it cost effective, you can buy the pieces at separate times, when certain items are on sale at Hobby Lobby. I got the frames and flowers at half off by waiting to buy them when they were on sale at Hobby Lobby. 
Use smaller "stalky" flowers. I found that bigger ones, like hydrangeas were more difficult to position in the vases.
Try looking in the floral isle at Hobby Lobby for more stick like flowers. 

You don't have to hang three. I have another spot in my house where just one is hanging. It just depends on how much wall space you need to fill.

Have a happy weekend!