Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Interviewing My Husband: Meet Ryan

Well this post should be interesting. Weeks ago my husband asked when he would get to appear in the blog. After all, he does do a lot of the outfit photography and some help with the etsy shop. And then I actually read a few posts where other bloggers interviewed their husbands, and it was pretty entertaining. So I figured I would give him a shot to appear on Made In The Shade. 

Me: What do you think about me blogging?
Ryan: I think it's good for you because it give your something to do on your days off.
Me: True story. 

Me: How do you like being the official unofficial photographer?
Ryan: (In a sarcastic voice) - Thrilling. I love getting ready early to take outfit pictures. 

Me: Do you really read my blog?
Ryan: No. 
Me:  You answered that a little quick. But also, probably true story. 

Me: What do you like the most about living with me?
Ryan: I just love having you home with me every night.
Me: Aww. Me too. 

Me: What is my worst habit? Be nice.
You: Not loading the dishwasher. And when you do, you load it wrong.

Me: Describe yourself in a few words.
Ryan: Tall, murse (man nurse).
Me: That's it?
Ryan: Shrugs shoulders.

Me: Where is my favorite place to shop?
Ryan: Anywhere. 
Me: You have to pick a store.
Ryan: ONE store? I don't know. You shop at a bunch of little stores. That one by Bed Bath and Beyond.
Me: Dottie Couture?
Ryan: Yea. Thrift stores like that. 
Me: Thrift stores?? I think you mean boutiques. 
Ryan: Yea, boutiques.

Me: What is something my readers should know about me but probably don't?
Ryan: How much you worry about stuff. Especially the little stuff. Oh and also how bad of a driver you are. 
Me: I figured you'd pick that one.

Me: What is your favorite thing to cook?
Ryan: Barbque Chicken on the grill because you like it so much. And then porkchops. 

Me: What's your favorite show to watch?
Ryan: That's a tough call. Anything Discovery Channel or HGTV. 

Me: What is my most prized possession?
Ryan: Ollie. 
Me: Besides the furbaby. He's not really a possession. He's family.
Ryan: Your kitchen aid mixer. 
Me: Um, no. 
Ryan: Your wedding ring. 
Me: Ding ding ding!

Me: What is the best part about being married?
Ryan: You're cute. And you're my best friend.
Me: Right back atcha.

Me: Any last thoughts? 
Ryan: I should be on the blog more often. 
Me: We'll see.  

I have to say, this interview did give me a few laughs, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the attention. But he really is such a supporter of my blog and etsy shop that I thought it was a great idea for you to meet the man behind it all too!


  1. Aww so cute!! I love all of the sweet things he said about you - he's a keeper!

  2. Aww you two are so sweet! I loved reading this post - it's nice to hear from the men behind the blogs! I must do a similar post soon!

    Carly xo

  3. Hehe this is so cute!! That first photo of y'all is too adorable, and I'm with him on the dishwasher lol. I get on to my roomies for loading it wrong all the time haha. Have a great day!! xo

  4. So cute!! I love what he said about the best part of living with you - so sweet! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. These posts always are entertaining - his personality really showed through here! So fun to meet your hubby.

  6. Love this, so fun to get to meet your hubby! Love the man answers!

  7. Hi Ryan! His answer about the dishwasher and bad driver sound like something my hubby would say ;) "You're cute and you're my best friend" too cute <3

  8. Hahah it's so funny to read this because I bet a lot of the blog questions, Tyler would have the same response! Love the wedding picture, too!

  9. I love this!! I think my husband would say the same things.

  10. Hah aw love this and how you included your dialogue as the 'interview' was going on. He's a keeper ;)

  11. This is so great! Haha I love how real it is and the dialogue. Thanks for sharing - I think you should let him be on the blog more often!

  12. I loved this- I was smiling reading this entire thing, I feel like his personality really came out through the questions and answers!

  13. Haha! I LOVED reading this, it is too darn cute. I may borrow this idea on my blog, if I can ever get my husband to cooperate! LOL!

  14. You two are so adorable! I love meeting bloggers other halves, it's so fun!

  15. This is too cute. I think the people who take our ootds everyday are under-represented, they really are the little saviors of our blogs.