Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's time for another weekend! And this time I actually get it off. Three whole days to do nothing, and I can't wait. It's supposed to get a bit colder here this weekend, but nothing like last winter was. Before the week ends, this week did have some favorites that I want to share!

Favorite Song: 
Sugar by Maroon 5. I think I like it so much because of the music video too, but this song has gotten as many listens as my T Swift CD did. Plus, how awesome would it be to have your wedding crashed by them?! Too cool!

Favorite TV Show:
Parks and Rec is back! Just like The Office, I don't think that this season will be quite as great as all the others, but I still think it's worth watching. The episode this week was way better than the very first one aired in my opinion. This was a close race between Park and Rec and The Bachelor. Again, I read the spoilers, but the drama is just too good not to watch it on tv too.

Favorite Look:
I still can't get over these leggings from my post on Wednesday. I seriously want to wear them everywhere. I feel like it would make my every day household activities much brighter!

Favorite Devotion:
This was one of my favorite verses from the devotions I read everyday. I know I say this a lot, but the She Reads Truth devotions are so great! I look forward to reading them everyday. This verse from Isaiah really is just perfect. 

Favorite New Product:
I've only used this shampoo a few times, but I really love Aveda products. I've never used this line before. Expect a review on my This or That series in the future!

Linking up this Friday! I hope your weekends are great!


  1. Still obsessing over those leggings, but I forgot to mention how beautiful that bracelet is too! I totally agree sparkle leggings would make every day happier and brighter. I should check into that shampoo, because lately I've been struggling to find one that I love. xo

  2. I love that verse. I just downloaded the She Reads Truth app. Happy Friday!

  3. I've also been loving Sugar by Maroon 5 - it's too catchy not to love. Parks and Rec was much better this week, but I still think they should've just ended it last season. We'll see how the rest goes. Have a good weekend!

  4. I have been seriously loving my devotions this week too! And yeah--those leggings--they're swoon-worthy!

  5. I love that verse--I needed that today :) I hope you enjoy all three days off--that sounds fab!


  6. Would love to hear more about that Smooth Fusion line and how it works, always looking for something to tame the frizz. Enjoy your weekend off!

  7. I'm still obsessed with your sparkly pants and yes I think that Bachelor is much more enjoyable when you know the spoilers ahead of time, you look at the relationships a little clearer! Have a great weekend.

  8. I seriously love that video - I can't even imagine if adam levine was at my wedding lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I love those sparkly pants of yours too. :) And I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the Aveda products! I've heard good things. Have a great weekend girl!

  10. Please wear the leggings during routine household chores and report back on how they (hopefully!) improved said chores hah. I bet they have to help!? Happy weekend :)

  11. Ummmmmm I need those leggings and now heading to your Wednesday post for the details!

  12. OMG. Those leggings are to die for! And I just love that song too. I think if Adam Levine were to show up at my wedding aaron should be worried. hahhahaha Just Kidding!! Hope you have a good weekend!

    Love Always,

  13. Love that verse from Isaiah! And those sequin leggings really are the best!

  14. I am still wanting those leggings, I need to go back to your old post to see if they are available still wherever you got them at!!