Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Tutorial

Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Hello lovely ladies! Today, I'm going to show you how I made my tree skirt. This was one DIY that I actually looked into buying before I made it. I knew exactly what I wanted, and so I hunted for the best bargain that was a good quality. There were none. These skirts were everywhere, but they definitely weren't cheap. So I decided to make my own. In hindsight, I now see why they are on the pricey side - because they are time consuming! Don't get me wrong, it is super easy and mindless work (I caught up on my tv shows while doing this) but it will not be something you sit down in an hour and finish unless you make a mini version. That being said, here's what you will need for this project!

-3 1/2 yards of linen ($15)
-burlap (not sure how much, mine was left over from my wedding, but I would guess at least 5 yards)
-hot glue gun
-old table cloth ($5) - mine was 70in X 70in round
-twine or ribbon ($3)
-sharpie and pencil

You will want a base with which to work your new wreath around. It can be an old sheet, large piece of material, etc. Anything that hot glue will stick to that isn't plastic. I used a clearance table cloth from the Christmas Tree Shop that I found for $5 after Thanksgiving. 

How ugly is that?! First, you want to cut a slit up to the middle of the circle so that you can get it around your tree later. Cut it to about the middle of the skirt. It doesn't have to be completely perfect.

Christmas Tree Skirt from Scratch

And then comes the part that I hated the most - you will have to cut your burlap and linen into strips. I cut mine into 3 inch strips, but you can have them as wide as you want. The wider they are, the faster the making of the skirt will go. 1 inch strips would look so pretty, but I can't even imagine how long that would have taken.
I used a ruler and a sharpie for the burlap and a pencil for the linen.

You can then start gluing. You will want to glue in a ruffle pattern. Try and roughly distance your ruffles the same amount apart, but even if they are a little uneven (some of mine got that way) you will never be able to tell in the end. It will look like this.

DIY Ruffle Tree Skirt

Start from the bottom up, and let your first row hang off the edge a bit. The burlap takes a bit more effort than the linen because you have to wait for the glue to dry to hold it in the ruffle shape because it is more dense. Solution - I used one of my husbands heavy tools to hold it in place while the glue was drying so that I could move onto the next ruffle. I was using 2 tools at a time so I could work quickly. You will just alternate rows of burlap and linen all the way up!

Burlap Ruffle Tree Skirt How To

How to make your own tree skirt

Tree Skirt Ruffles DIY

The last step is to create ties to keep your skirt together around the tree. You can use either twine or ribbon. I think red ribbon would have looked so pretty, but twine was what I had, and it won't really show in the end. You will simply punch a hole with your scissors on each side of the slit you cut. Feed two pieces of twine through each side and secure with a knot. Then you can finish it off by tying the two pieces into a bow! I put three total bows on mine to keep it together.

Burlap Tree Skirt Tutorial

Burlap Tree Skirt

And viola! You have a do it yourself tree skirt! The possibilities are endless with this - you can do all burlap, white and red linen, a single color of linen, etc. I already want to do an all pink one, but haven't convinced the hubs on that one yet. I may have to sneak that one in next year (shhh)!

DIY Burlap Ruffle Tree Skirt

What have been your favorite Christmas DIY projects? Are there any other tree skirt variations out there?



  1. OMG this is such a cute DIY project! I love the burlap!! So fun!

    <3, Pamela

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  4. This turned out great! Not sure I could ever have the patience for it, ha!

  5. It looks great!! I love it! My friend made one of those too, but they are too time consuming for me even though I have a ton of burlap left over from a different project. And cutting burlap is the worst! So is the fuzz that it leaves behind all over your house :)

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    xo Kylie

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  12. I made one of these a few years ago, and I sill love it! The burlap on mine is more cream colored, but I love the way yours looks!

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  14. Our tree skirt is so old and ratty, it's definitely time for an upgrade. You have so many talents girly!

  15. I wanted SO badly to buy one of these but they're so over-priced and didn't feel like figuring out my own pattern. SO glad I know you and your crafty self! Love, love how this turned out!

  16. This is SO beautiful! I can't wait to make one for my tree... I was going to do it this weekend, but ran out of time. Eek. I have a feeling it is going to take quite awhile, tho! I bet a 1" one would be pretty!

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    xx, Jodi

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