Friday, November 14, 2014

Winter Friday Favorites

We finally made it to Friday! I plan to get some early Christmas shopping done on Saturday with my sister and have a puppy play date! As usual, I am sure the weekend will go by fast. With winter finally here - is snowed again today! - I have found some new Friday favorites to share!

Best Starbucks Drink

These are a relatively a new drink to me the past two months. But the best part, is they just came out with the Gingerbread one, and it is definitely my new favorite! They are all good, but the Gingerbread is the best! Plus, its so easy and quick to make!

Favorite Eyeshadow

I have never really tried Ulta eyeshadow, but after my sister got me one it has become one of my staples! The shade I have is a light chocolate brown, but I would love to have this pink shade - and a dozen or so more other colors! It wears long and I get a lot of compliments. Its also a great price!

Taylor Swift Album Review

Taylor Swift's whole CD is great, but I am loving Shake It Off and Blank Space! They are such catchy up beat songs, and are great for listening to on the way to work to wake me up. Is there seriously anything this girl can't do?!

 Yes, I already have my electric blanket out. It is seeing a ton of use already. And when I'm not using it, our pup loves it! With the snow beginning, this is a must for me for winter!

Even though its cold out, I have been craving ice cream sandwiches. On nights that I come home from work (which isn't until 8pm) this is such a great quick dessert when I am craving something sweet. But I hope I start craving something warmer soon!

Favorite Fall Nail Color
I am loving taupe and dark nude colored shades for my nails this summer - and I would love to try a matte gel version, which I think will be my next nail buy. Something about these shades are just so clean looking and so sophisticated!
What are your Friday Favorites this week?


  1. I think I need that electric blanket in my life!!! How have I never heard about that before!! I love that OPI color, I had something very similar on last week :) Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. I NEEEEED that electric blanket, one at work and one at home haha. I just hate being cold so I've wanted to stay at home under my blanket this week for sure. I'm loving Blank Space too! Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. I've always wanted an electric blanket - I used to steal my mom's when I lived at home! I just listened to Taylor Swift's new album this week, too - I think it's great! I guess I don't understand why there is all this crazy hype around it, but I'm also not a diehard fan of hers either. I'm definitely checking out those Starbucks drinks next time I'm at the store. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh, my heated blanket is out too! It's a life saver! I love those at-home Starbucks drinks -- saves a drive!


  5. I need one of those electric blankets!! I am always under a blanket when I'm sitting down, just this time of year I'm under multiple blankets at once! My husband loves those Starbucks drinks so we always have them in our fridge too, happy weekend!

  6. I could really go for a heated blanket now that it's so cold! Love how cute that one is. I'm loving those type of nail colors lately too- for some reason I haven't been as into the usual berry/purple shades this year.

  7. I've never seen such a cute electric blanket! Loving that nail polish color too. Stay warm and have a great weekend girl!

  8. I have always been impressed with Ulta eye shadow! It is a great way to try out new colors!

  9. I totally need to buy that CD ohhhh electric blankets I totally remember those growing up! I love taupe matte shades like that. Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  10. I too am obsessed with Taylor Swifts new cd! I looove blank space and have it on repeat! Style is also a great one!


  11. I would love to try those Starbucks drinks... do you drink them cold or hot? And, only 120 calories?!