Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips for Holiday Shopping

It won't be long until the Christmas season is here! Have you already started getting out your Christmas decor? It's a little too early for me to do that yet, but I will be on Thanksgiving weekend. One thing I have done, is started my shopping! I consider myself a pretty good Holiday shopper, so I am sharing my tips today on how I keep it easy and affordable!

Budget for Holiday Shopping

Make a Budget

Christmas shopping for a large list of people can be very overwhelming, especially if you are strapped for cash. One way to help with this is creating a budget from the get go. Decide how much you are going to spend on each person, and don't go over that limit. Plus, then you know what kind of gifts you can buy with your budget.

Christmas Shopping Tips

Start Early

Don't wait until mid December to start your shopping. You won't find sales, great prices, or great items. You'll feel stressed and rushed. Plan ahead - it will pay off. You can catch great sales, even as early as Labor Day and Veteran's Day. This will save you money in the long run, and help you with your preset budget.

Holiday Shopping Tips

Take Advantage of Sales

Speaking of sales, take advantage!! Don't be afraid to buy the gifts early, you'll be so glad that you did later! You'll find great items and be way more prepared. Especially pay attention to boutiques - they tend to have sales on these Holidays before Christmas. Oh, and don't forget about Black Friday!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Shop Unique

Shop locally and shop at unique outlets, including Etsy! You will find unique gifts here, one that noone else will give. Even Etsy has giftcards. Little boutiques that aren't chains, will offer more quality gifts, and often times have quicker shipping. Not to mention, you'll be supporting small businesses. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten my sister gifts from Etsy!

Making a Christmas List


Don't be afraid to people for lists! You can get an idea of what they want, and you'll be sure they get something they actually want. I usually get my family some from their list and some things I pick out on my own. You should also make a list for yourself, so other people can get an idea of what you want too!

This is how I make Christmas a little more manageable on a budget! What are you tips, I would love to hear yours!


  1. I really need to start my Christmas shopping but haven't gotten a list from any one yet! :( These are definitely all great tips!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I'm proud of myself because I've already picked up a few things for my guy and for my secret santa exchange- but I'm also one of those people who loves going to the mall at Christmastime lol…. my list is ever-growing!! Great tips :)

  3. Great tips, I wished I had already started my shopping, but that is SO not the case!

  4. These are great tips! I've definitely already gotten a head start on Christmas shopping due to our pending move - I definitely don't want to be rushing around shopping in December while we are trying to settle into our new home. My siblings and I also opted to do a Secret Santa this year instead of buying gifts for every person to help save money!

  5. Great tips!! I really need to start early this year--I always procrastinate and then I hate seeing all that money go out the window at once!! And def. need to watch the sales :)


  6. Really great tips girl!! I think sticking to a budget is my hardest thing...I always have good intentions but always go through it LOL!!

  7. Good tips! I need to get started on my Christmas shopping! I want to get it done early this year.

  8. Ugh, I wish I had started early... my daughters bday is in November, so I feel like by the time I get everything bought for that, BAM it is time to start Christmas shopping. I haven't even started and I am getting a tiny bit stressed! eek! I really am going to start early next year!

  9. This always stresses me out to no end. Men are the hardest to shop for and I have 5! Totally need to go moving on the ideas!

  10. I'm signed up for all my favorite stores' email lists to be notified of sales. It really helps around the holidays and I've gotten 50% of my shopping done early.

  11. Good tips!! I always try to start early and I'm about 1/2 way done with my shopping at this point. We pretty much have a set $ amount we spend on each person and that makes planning for a total budget much easier.

  12. Mu hubby would love all of your great tips!!! I just can't seem to stay on a budget because of all the sales :((((

  13. Fabulous post! I could definitely take note of these tips.

  14. Great suggestions. I definitely wait until the last minute and am trying to stop. xo

  15. This is awesome advice! I am definitely going to share this post with everyone I know. Happy Thursday :)

  16. Great tips! I love shopping on Etsy for unique gifts. I try to shop early, but it always seems that there is that one person every year that I just can't find that perfect gift for, until the few days leading up to Christmas :)

  17. I meant to start last month, but November is quickly slipping away and I still haven't done any Christmas shopping yet!