Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This or That #5 - Mascaras

Which Mascara is Best

Buxom, Urban Decay, and Makeup For Ever Mascara

Lately, I have been getting frequent mascara samples - which I love. Plus, then I have my tried and true Buxom. So for the last week or so I have been rotating between the three to determine which I like best! 

The cool think I liked was that all the wands are completely different, and I could totally tell a difference in each on in how the mascara was applied to me lashes. 

Best Mascara

Urban Decay Perversion - I like the wand on this one, and I love that the actual mascara is "thick". I also am a fan of the UD brand in general and like their products. This also runs the same cost as the one I currently use, so that's a plus too. This stuff stays on all day, is buildable, and washes off with face wash and water, and better with eye makeup remover.

Buxom - This has been my tried and true mascara for several years. I love the wand - it applies the mascara so evenly. It washes off really easy with just a little face wash and water, and stays on all day. I like it when I use 2 or 3 coats the best. 

Makeup For Ever - This mascara has great staying powder. The formula seems a little thinner than the other two, and definitely takes eye makeup remover to completely remove. The main thing that was a challenge for me was the shape of the wand. I found that mascara clumps on the end of the wand, and can get a bit messy on my inner eyelashes. 

Between the three of these, I would actually give up the Buxom and switch to the UD Perversion! I love how 2 simple coats gives me the look that I want, and that it is relatively easy to remove. The Buxom will always be one of my favs! The Makeup Forever brand is something I'll definitely use up, but probably won't repurchase.

What is your favorite mascara? 


  1. Love the brush on the Buxom one! I still need to try the UD Perversion one! It sounds amazing! Great reviews!

    <3, Pamela

  2. The UD and Buxom mascaras seem great! I agree with you about the MUFE mascara - it's not one of my favorites, but I'll continue to use it up until the sample is gone. I'm just not a huge fan of the brush. I've been trying a bunch of different mascaras lately, so maybe I will pick up one of these. Although, any mascara from CoverGirl usually is my go to!

  3. I've heard great things about Perversion - though I truly hate the name. I think I'm going to have to give it a try!

  4. i haven't tried any of these. I recently started using Too Faced's better than sex mascara and I love it!

  5. i really don't understand the difference between the mascara wands. but UD mascars are just gorgeous!

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints

  6. I have the makeup forever and I am with you--the shape of the wand is too weird for me! I will have to try out the Urban Decay--I always love their stuff :)


  7. Such different brush types-- great reviews of all of these! I just almost tossed my MUFE mascara when I was going through all of my makeup, but I figured it was worth keeping just in case!

  8. I will definitely check out these mascaras although I think I will struggle to use anything other than Benefit's They're Real as it gives me the eyelashes I always wish I had!

  9. I've only tried the make-up forever one out of these three and I really liked it, it's in my gym makeup bag!! I really like the buxom one!

  10. I got the Urban Decay Perversion in an ipsy bag I think, and I did like the way it looked on. However, I found that it REALLY seemed to rub off to where I had black smudges under both of my eyes by midday. Maybe it was just user error, but I had to throw it away and switch to a different sample.

    I do what I want.

  11. I haven't tried that UD one yet but their 24/7 eyeliners are my absolute fav! I am obsessed with the YSL baby doll lashes right now it is my holy grail winner at the moment :)

  12. Great review! Sticking with my L'oreal Butterfly after the They're Real ran out but I'll keep these in mind for when I'm on my next empty ;)

  13. I have loved that Buxom one for years too, I haven't had it in a little while though. I have samples of the UD and MUFE one so I can't wait to try now :) The MUFE wand kind of scares me lol

  14. My favorite one is definitely Blackout Diorshow, but I'm thinking you have convinced me to try the UD one!


  15. It's crazy how much of a difference the wand can make in a product! Another great review.

  16. Hey there! I found you through a comment on Elle's blog! I have been wanting to try the UD one!! They are one of my favorite brands - their just is just consistently awesome. I recently ordered some deslick makeup setting spray and powder. Can't wait to try it!

  17. Thanks for the reviews. Love good mascaras. Makes such a big difference.

  18. Mascara is one of my favorite makeup items! I've never tried a high end mascara, but my favorite from everything I have tried is the original Loreal Voluminous!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  19. Awesome! Always looking for a great, new mascara! Thanks hun!
    xo Erin

  20. Thanks for this review! I love Mally mascaras! I think I will try this Urban Decay too! Thanks! Susan

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