Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy has become such a nice little package over the past several months! I loved it so much more than I did my Birchbox, and I felt like I always got my money's worth. This month was no exception! However, I'm sad to say that this month will be my last Ipsy bag. My husband and I are cutting back on some little things, like Ipsy, eating out, and impulse buys. I felt like it was only fair for me to cut back on some things too. Plus, I can always read my blog friends reviews and buy things that sound great! So, here is my last Ipsy bag review!

Ipsy Bag

October Ipsy Bag

Skyn Wipes

Color City Be Matte Lipstick

Ecru BB Cream

Doll 10 Highlighter

Figs and Rouge Hand Cream

First of all, I loved the bag that the products came in this month! It's one I'll definitely use in the future! I love that there is a free bag with every month's items!

Skyn Makeup Wipes - I don't routinely use makeup wipes. They just end up breaking my face out, every time. So I usually use mine to clean my compact makeup mirrors, or give them away. The great thing I noticed about these though, is that they foam all on their own. So if makeup wipes are your thing, these would be a great thing to try!

Color City Be Matte Lipstick - A lot of you know I don't really do lipstick. But I like the idea of this being matte. So when the right occasion presents itself, this is something that I will give a go! Anyone else have good luck with this?

Ecru BB Cream for Hair - I was impressed with this! It made my hair feel like it had more moisture, and it smelled great! It's not something that's readily available to my knowledge, but it might be something that I would try again! I love the idea of BB cream for hair!

Doll 10 Highlighter - I was so excited to see this in my bag. I am just kind of getting into the highlighting and contouring - very lightly mind you. I'll never be one of those who spends a ton of time blending a ton of stuff on my face. But this will be great to experiment with! It looks like a great shade!

Figs and Rouge Hand Cream - This stuff smells amazing! I've been keeping this by my night stand to use at night before I go to bed. I will be looking for this stuff in the future for sure, and would be interested to see what other scents they have!

What was your favorite item from your monthly subscription?


  1. Love reading this and seeing how everyone's bags differ. I signed up last month so I'm exited about my bag next month!

  2. The fig hand cream sounds so intriguing!

  3. I've been hearing a lot about these ipsy bags.. I think I'll have to check it out and finally sign up for it!

  4. The BB Cream for Hair sounds great!! I love that with this subscription you get a bag too - makes it well worth the money!

  5. Well, it seems like you got some great products for your last bag! I'm intrigued by those makeup wipes, as well as the matte lipstick.

  6. All the products sound nice--but I really want that bag hehe so cute :)


  7. It seems like everyone does this, I probably should sign up!

    tattered to taylored

  8. Someone recently posted their Ipsy bag on IG and I think I am going to try it for the first time. You got a lot of great products! I rarely step out to try new skin or makeup products, so I thought this would help me!

  9. that hand cream looks so cute! love the color of the bag too.

  10. The matte lipstick sounds intriguing, please share it when you do decide to wear it!

  11. I loved my lotion too but mine was a different scent, we did get all different stuff.

  12. Aw sad that you are ending your subscription. I did too. I enjoyed it for the short time I did it, but I really don't miss it much. I still have an overabundance of samples to use!

  13. Agree - love that hand cream! And the exfoliating face wash I got is another top fave besides the cute bag itself.

  14. My hands get so chapped during the colder months, I should definitely look into that hand cream!

  15. I've always wondered the difference between birch box and ipsy, so thank you for giving your review! I might ask for a subscription for christmas :)

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots

  16. We almost got the same contents except I didn't get the BB cream. I was really happy with it this month! I'm totally a makeup wipes gal, so that was right up my alley! Nice to hear your perspective!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  17. Sad that this is your last one, but at least you ended with such a cute bag! I got all different stuff than you got, ha, and I'm not sure what is my favorite quite yet. I will say that I'm jealous of the hand cream. I can always use a good hand cream!

    I do what I want.

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