Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kitchen Must Haves for the Hostess!

If you're a long time reader, you know I love planning parties! I love making the decor, making the food, and the whole planning process. But the best part is playing the hostess! As the hostess, you get to use all of your favorite kitchen items to bake, serve, and decorate with. I definitely have my favorite items that always get used at summer parties!

Hostess Favorite Items

Items for the Hostess

One of my favorite items to use for parties are these measuring cups! Whether it's before the guests arrive to bake all the goodies, or if its for measuring out last minute ingredients while the party is going on, these are so cute I don't even mind if they end up sitting out! This set is from Pier 1 - I don't buy a ton of things from there, because I think they are over priced. But I couldn't pass these cuties up!

Favorite Party Items

I love these kitchen "accessories"! Cupcake liners come in such cute color combos now - even Etsy has some awesome choices. You can make them match the theme of your party or dessert! These corn cob holders have been a guest fav! Especially when we have BBQ's. The girls always like it because it creates much less of a mess on your hands. And there are tons of choices for these too!

Items You Need to Throw a Party

Mason jars are pretty self explanatory! If you ever find these original blue ones, keep them! We found ours in an old farm house that was going to be torn down. I love using these pretty things everyday, and they are conversation starters at parties!

What a Hostess Uses for a Party

My KitchenAid mixer is my favorite item in my kitchen! It's great for desserts and so much more, and is such a time saver! It is so worth the investment!! And right along with that goes my little decorative cake plate! The one pictured is from Martha Stewert. I use it for actual cakes and cupcakes and sometimes just as decoration!

Hostess Favorites

These little red baskets are from Target, and are awesome for outside bonfires or BBQ's! They are more sturdy than paper plates, and you can throw parchment paper over it as the plate and also save yourself the washing, plus it looks so festive! 
The medium sized corning ware with vented lids is perfect for leftovers! It's small enough to fit in your lunch box the next day, but big enough to fit leftovers in! It's a great way to end the party when you've got a lot of food left.

What are your favorite items to use when throwing your parties?!


  1. These are fabulous items to keep in mind for any party. I got my KitchenAid mixer from my mom as a wedding gift at my bridal shower last year, and I literally can't imagine life without it now. I use it for everything!

  2. I want to bake more for the sheer fact of getting to use a KitchenAid mixer lol!!

  3. That is one of the best things about being hostess, getting to use all your pretty things! Love the color of your mixer, that thing is amazing - I wanted one forever and now I'm sure it will be a staple on my kitchen counter for years to come! I love browsing World Market because they always have tons of cute things like these!

  4. Is it bad I want a pretty kitchen aid mixer just to display on my counters?? ;) I'm not much of a baker but they're soooo pretty!!

    <3, Pamela

  5. My Kitchen Aid mixer is pretty much my prized possession! Definitely my major kitchen essential!

    xo Kylie

  6. beautiful pictures :)


  7. fabulous! i wish i had a kitchen aid mixer, sigh. but i really dont bake that much, or entertain really, so its too expensive to just sit there!

  8. This is a great roundup! I need to start getting in the habit of buying cupcake liners when I see them because I always run out when I'm baking cupcakes or muffins!

  9. Love, love, love kitchen accessories as well! The mixer is a must! I went with the classic stainless steel, but I totally wish I would have opted for a fun color. Great post!


  10. I absolutely love using fun cupcake liners for parties! Target also has some fun party supplies sometimes in their dollar section!


  11. Love kitchen accessories - those measuring cups are so cute!! They look like mugs... I love it!

  12. Kitchen accessories are so fun! I can't wait to register for all new ones haha. Right now most of what we have are hand-me-downs!

  13. I couldn't agree with you more, LOVE my kitchen aid mixer! Hands down fav item in my kitchen :-D

  14. I want a stand mixer SO bad... even though I'd probably rarely use it to be honest... they're just so pretty! haha