Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Shop at "Teen" Stores

I took a little blog hiatus yesterday - my work schedule the last 2 days just made it difficult to post, and I would rather not have a post than have one that I rushed to write! But I am back at it today!

I know a lot of us do it - we bargain shop at "teen" stores. Stores like Forever 21, Windsor, and Charlotte Russe. Stores that I know I may be a little too old to shop in, but have great bargains and are always on trend! 

How to Shop at Teen Stores

Shopping in these stores isn't easy by any means. You have to sift through outfits that are definitely far from what you want, outfits that are overpriced, looks that are cheap; in order to find that perfect item for your grown up closet. In order to do that, I have several tips that I like to follow!

1 - Returns
One of the first things you should be aware of is the return policy of these stores. We all have been guilty of buying something and getting it home and thinking that it does not look the same at home as in the store. Know the return policy, so that if you take home something that you decide is too "teen" looking, you can always return it.

2 - Be Prepared
Having an idea of what you are looking for before you go get it. A tee, long sleeve shirt, sweater, pants, etc. Even a vague idea will help. This helps you to narrow down what racks to look at in the stores, and what ones you can stay away from.

3 - Know Your Up Size
Let's be real. All these stores were made for younger people. Realize that you may have to size up in a lot of their items, and take a few different sizes back to the fitting room. Plus, if you need a bigger size, you don't have to go sorting through the racks again, it's right there!

4 - Ask an Associate
Chances are, if you can't find something the sales person can. Guess who has to put back all those clothes that you tried on? The sales associates. They are very familiar with the store layout and the product stock. Use them to your advantage!

5 - Color Scheme
A lot of these teen stores are organized by color, especially Forever 21. Know what colors you are looking for or that you tend to gravitate to. This will also help you narrow down sections of the store, and which places to avoid.

6 - Be Willing to Spend Some Time
Don't be afraid to pick through some racks, piece by piece, especially if you weren't able to narrow down what you want. Let's face it - these stores are run by kids and teenagers. Not everything gets put back where it belongs. Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are the worst about this. You may not see the size in an item that you want at first, but it could be located somewhere else in the store. Again, this is why you should ask a sales associated!

7 - Accessories are Friends!
A lot of these stores have a ton of cheap accessories that are great for little pieces for your outfits! You can find almost anything you are looking for in any color. It's really cost effective!

What are your favorite tips for shopping at teen stores?


  1. great tips! as a 28 year old mom, i often drag my 2 kiddos into forever 21 with me. it's always good to go in prepared... or shop online! :)

  2. Great post! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed in Forever21! I feel like there's no rhyme or reason to it but now that you mention it the color thing is probably a good idea! I can't believe I never noticed it was organized by color before!

    <3, Pamela

  3. great tips! i didnt know that about the colour organisation for F21, which is the only one out of these ones that I really shop at, I should try the others. love their accessories!

  4. Love this post--especially about sizing up and not feeling bad about it! And the return policy--especially F21 :)


  5. F21 gives me anxiety lol - I need to go in there, like you said with a clear plan of what I want/need. Also, you're totally right accessories are the best at these stores!

  6. These are very helpful tips! I always lose my patience in these stores because I never can find anything. But I do enjoy the accessories!

  7. Such good tips. I do find great things in F21 and Charlotte, but almost always without fail I get annoyed and overwhelmed in F21 haha. I need to have a glass of wine pre-shopping ;)

  8. Helpful hints! Forever 21 always has great finds, if you have the patience - which is typically why I don't make it there too often!

  9. cheap accessories and easy basic pieces are the best at places like this!

  10. Good points! I usually get accessories or trendy pieces in those stores. I save the timeless investments, like jeans and sweaters, for higher quality stores.


  11. Definitely true that the accessories are perks! I just can't handle the in-store music blasting, teens gabbing and option overload. Thank goodness for :)

  12. Great tips,especially on upsizing! The music is so loud I can't think clearly and I usually pretend i'm shopping for my daughter when I'm those stores, lol! I agree with Shelby, thank goodness for online shopping!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Teen stores are my specialty haha! Totally agree you HAVE to take time in them or else it's so overwhelming but you can find such amazing things for so cheap!

    <3 Shannon

  14. Amen to these things! Forever 21 is a go-to for quick an inexpensive, but I have to have a few minutes and the right mindset, as it's rare that you'll find exactly what you're looking for!


  15. I love these store for their accessories! The walls of jewelry are always so pretty and on trend!!

  16. love this post, lots of great info for how to shop these stores!

    xo brie

  17. These are great tips. I always head to stores like Forever when I'm looking for a trendy piece that won't stay popular forever so I don't want my purchase to break the bank.

  18. To shop online and when it doubt go for the larger size ;-)

  19. These are great tips love this post !

    Xo Miss Erin
    See what I have to say at:

  20. Awesome tips! I've found that I have to do a 2nd lap around at F21 before I start stumbling upon some great finds. I walk around once and see nothing, but on my 2nd time around I'm loading up my arms with stuff to try on in the fitting room. You just have to be willing to dig :)

  21. I mean, welcome to my life, haha. I love teen stores - and the price is always right! xx

  22. Technically I am still a teen so I love these places. I dont know if I could afford to shop in 'grown up stores' jsut yet! hhaha

    Love Always,

  23. I shop online at stores like Forever21 mostly b/c they're just a shit show in person. Plus, I feel old walking in! haha

  24. there are some good finds to be had in these stores :)

  25. This post is great, and I totally agree. You definitely want to know what you're looking for and utilize the sales associates as much as possible so you can be in and out as quickly as you can. I've found some great outfits that seem to fit my style, and learned that there really is something for everyone in these stores as I recently saw a woman who had to be close to her 80's, making a few, more mature looking purchases from Forever 21. It really was the sweetest thing to see as she counted out her exact change. Also, I have to show my love for fellow nurses-- I am currently back in school upgrading my LPN license to a BSN degree.

    Take care!
    Stop by my page any time!