Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trending Tuesday - Sparkle and Shine Week!

Last week's Trending Tuesday was such a success with the theme Home Pinspiration! I decided to attempt something similar this week as well since that was so popular. This Tuesday's trends will focus all on the sparkle and shine of jewelery! There are so many great jewelery trends out there this summer, and I just can't get enough of any of them!

Trending Summer Jewelery

Trend #1 - Pearls: Pearls are such a sophisticated and popular thing to wear this summer. It can dress up any casual tee and jeans, or be the great addition to an already fancy work outfit. They are great for work and for going out too!

Trend #2 - Turquoise: I am loving these turquoise stones that are popping up everywhere! I especially like it paired with the color yellow. There is so much variety with this type of jewelery, which makes it so versatile! I feel like it can give your look a more earthy feel too!

Trending Summer Necklaces

Trend #4 - Stones: I am seeing the necklaces pop up  all over Etsy, and in all different colors and shapes. I have my eye on a few for when the time is right. These are so dainty but are still noticeable and add a great pop of color!

Trend #5 - Layering: Layering necklaces is all over pinterest and everywhere else too. Small ones can be layered with small ones, statement necklaces can be layered with other statement necklaces, or you can mix and match! Either way, this creates such a great look and is perfect to dress up a tee or tank!

Trending Summer Earrings and Rings

Trend #6 - Statement Necklaces: This was was kind of DUH! These are all over blog land, and are obviously a win-win. My personal favorite are the white and silver ones, because they match everything. But special colors and specific ones are great if you have that outfit that needs a big pop!

Trend #7 - Multiple Earrings: Layering isn't only for necklaces - wearing multiple sets of earrings is a great way to wear more color and a girly touch to your outfit. I only have my ears pierced twice, and it's so easy to just wear the same pair everyday and go. But when I do mix it up and wear 2 sets, I almost always get compliments! 

Trend #8 - Midi Rings: This is a trend that I think is SO gorgeous! I haven't jumped on the band wagon yet because my fingers are a bigger size and I have trouble finding ones that don't make them look like sausages. But this looks so gorgeous on other people, especially with cute nail polish!

What are your favorite jewelery trends this summer?! Why are they your favorite?


  1. i will forever love a statement necklace!!

  2. These are great picks! I'm into pearls year round, and you never can go wrong with a statement necklace.

  3. i love pearls! that necklace is gorgeous.

  4. OBSESSED with layering necklaces lately! Love this look with them too!

    <3, Pamela

  5. that chunky bracelet needs to be mine. love!

  6. Turquoise and layering, big fan for sure :)

  7. loving all of these! and obsessed with that chunky bracelet! xo!

  8. Girl I absolutely love this post!! I have been so obsessed with buying jewelry lately it has become a problem! hahaha I just can't get enough of all of these trends.. especially the laying look!!
    Brittney Marie
    Pretty Little Pursuits

  9. i love those druzy stone necklaces and bracelets that i've been seeing on etsy!

  10. The stone necklaces are beautiful, as are all the little stack rings. Too pretty!

  11. Great trend picks. Love them all! :) Especially the turquoise!
    xo Erin

  12. I love any kind of jewelry and the bigger the better! I especially love those statement necklaces and will never tire of them! LOL! Turquoise is great too!


  13. Loving all of these jewelry trends! I want a big stone necklace ASAP!

    xo Kylie

  14. I love midi rings, I think i always will... they are so feminine!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  15. LOVEEE turquoise!!! And I'm not a huge fan of the mid rings - they look absolutely gorgeous on people, but I feel like they would drive me nuts and fall off my fingers, ha!

  16. That bottom left statement necklace is GORGEOUS!

  17. Ahh chunky pearls are on my wishlist! They have been for awhile, and I just haven't purchased them yet! Love them!!

  18. I'm OBSESSED with midi rings! At first I thought they'd irritate me b/c of the placement near your knuckles, but, they really don't feel any different than regular rings to me!