Friday, July 4, 2014

Finds on Friday - Shirts, Cookies, and Makeup Haul

Hooray for a long weekend! We're finally in St. Louis and going to the Cardinals game tonight. It was such a great week with so many great things that happened. So, I want to share them with you for my Finds on Friday post! 

Made In The Shade Shop
 I was so excited to get tagged on instagram by @blackbeigebrown! She was showing off one of my gold mason jars that she won in the giveaway. She's using one of them as a pencil cup in her office and it looks great! I love her mug and the illustration too! Such a cute little work space :) You can get connected to my Etsy shop by the side bar on the right - don't miss signing up for my newsletter - you don't want to miss July's!

I found this image via Pinterest, which led me to Etsy. And to my dismay I found that it is no longer sold. This is such the perfect shirt for me - pizza is my absolute favorite food! If this had still been available, I would have bought one immediately. It would have been perfect for a lazy day!

Revlon Photo Ready Primer Review

I wanted to try a new primer - I was recently using the Pixi brand. There was nothing wrong with that brand, I just wanted to try something new. I decided to try the Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer. Overall I really love it! The packaging works great, and the price was perfect. It goes on so smooth, and makes your skin feel very soft. It keeps my oily skin at bay. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try something new!

Elf Daily Brush Cleaner Review

I normally clean my makeup brushes myself. But lets face it - that doesn't happen as often as it should because its annoying and time consuming. When I ran across this and saw it was only $3, I decided to give it a go. It works great, and smells really good. And the price is definitely right! Just make sure you don't spray it on your brushes until you're done using them, it has to dry completely before using them again. This product does have alcohol in it, so it dries faster than if you just used water and soap.

My husband brought these home. BIG MISTAKE! These are so good, they were gone so fast. If you're looking for a new snack to try, these are the ones to get! It didn't sound that great at first, but then I took a bite :)

Elf HD Blush Review

When I found the Elf makeup brush cleaner, I decided to try this HD blush too. It was also only $3. I haven't been able to decide how I feel about cream blushes. Since this one was such a good price I decided to try it. I actually like this one! It's probably not something I will use everyday, but I am glad I added it to my stash. It comes out almost as a mousse, and the shade is perfect. They have 3 or 4 different shades available. This was the lightest one - the others seemed a bit took dark for my complexion. Below is a sample on my skin of the blush and the primer.

Revlon Primer and Elf HD Blush

I hope all of your long weekends are great! Happy Friday girlies!!


  1. Happy 4th of July! Those cookies look deadly, whenever we have any type of Chips Ahoy in the house I find myself eating the whole package.

  2. love those elf blushes! i use alcohol for a quick clean. i did a post on primers, if you need one after that revlon one runs out!

  3. Ohhh that is a very nice mason jar! Yaya for her! And I'm jealous!!! Happy weekend!

  4. That IS the perfect tank! I might just have to print one up on my screen press!!

  5. Have a great 4th of July weekend hun!
    xo Erin

  6. Cream blushes freak me out! Ive never tried one but I feel like I need to because everyone else raves about them...

  7. Hel-looooo crème filled cookies! COME TO MAMA!

  8. Great finds! I always clean my brushes myself too, but would love to have a product that made it easier! and for $3! That's great!

  9. Loving that top haha! Hope you had an amazing 4th!!

    <3 Shannon

  10. I love cream blushes and that looks like such a pretty color- I haven't tried anything from ELF in years, but I might pick one up the next time I'm at target! Can't beat that price!

  11. What a cute shirt! And ELF blush is really good! Hope you had a happy 4th of July x


    xo Jess

  12. I am so going to try the Revlon Photoready! I have tried so many primer's, and they are all just okay, but super pricey! I want to find something that is more than okay and reasonable! Thanks for the recommendations!
    Brittney Marie
    Pretty Little Pursuits

  13. Love this post girl! I'm going to have to try that primer. I'm using Smash Box's version now but it's a little expensive so I need to try Revlon's. Also I have recently been into cream blushes so I'm going to need to try Elf's version! Thanks for the great ideas!


  14. no way that cookie exist! i need to get it! and that hsirt its perfect, pizza is always better than anything!

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