Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beauty Wish List!

I have seen so many beauty posts this week in the blog world, and so many of the products looked great! A few I saw pop up more than once, and others are products that were new to me. I decided to make my own wish list - and hopefully these will end in my makeup bag soon!

Beauty Wishlist - Buxom, OPI, Aveeno, Almay, Maybelline, Physicians Formula, Big Sexy Hair

1. Almay Under Eye Concealer
2. Sephora Beauty Blender
3. Aveeno Lavender Body Wash
4. Maybelline The Nudes Palatte
5. OPI Cajun Shrimp
6. Buxom Foundation
7. Sexy Straight Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
8. Physician's Formula Nude Wear Blush

Have any of you tried these products? What was the result?


  1. That nail polish looks gorgeous! I got a sample of that foundation but sadly it is like 4 shades too dark for me-- even in the summer, so I wasn't able to use it!

  2. Cajun Shrimp is one of my FAV OPI colors! I call it my "vacation color" LOL! And that Nude Wear blush looks so pretty, I might need to get that myself!

    <3, Pamela

  3. that nudes palette looks fun! i want it, i love browns and nudes lol. sephora has a beauty blender? awesome!

  4. OPI Cajun Shrimp is so flattering on EVERYONE...makes you looks so tan.

  5. I've been wanting to try a beauty blender! I've heard so many great things and love that nail color!!

    <3 Shannon

  6. Cajun shrimp is one of my favorite OPI colors - I get it in Gel all the time!! I've seen the nude palette a few times now and I think if I buy one more shadow that looks the same I'll be certifiably insane lol!

  7. Cajun Shrimp all the way--totally worth the money :) It is my favorite color they make besides "I am really not a waitress" !
    I would like to try that under eye concealer from Almay--I am always on the hunt for one to take my bags away!


  8. I haven't tried any of these products, but now I want to! I'd be interested to see if the Sephora Beauty Blender is as good as the original - that sponge is my holy grail makeup tool!

  9. I love that nude palette! I have been really wanting to try a Naked Palette! They are expensive but I've heard they are totally worth the money and last forever.

  10. The packaging on the Physicians Formula blush! So pretty! Who doesn't love a great bow?

    Also, The Nudes palette is AWESOME. Definitely a great value if you're not ready to shell out the cash for a Naked palette yet!

  11. I saw that eyeshadow palette on a vlogger video and it looks amazing for the price! :)
    xo Erin

  12. I LOVE Cajun Shrimp! I haven't tried any of the others :)

  13. Cajun Shrimp is such a cute polish! loving those picks! xo

  14. Cajun Shrimp is like a cult classic - it's a must! Love the nude palette!!

  15. Cajun Shrimp is a FAVORITE. I love love love it.

  16. I love the Nudes palatte! I have it and it is awesome!

  17. 1. try it for light coverage
    2. not my fave. go for one from soho beauty (found at walgreens or walmart), beauty blender, or real techniques
    3. love this but sniff before you buy, just in case
    4. there are a couple of shades that i really like, so unless you don't have a neutral palette, i say skip
    5. yes
    6. great for oily skin
    7. love it
    8. not my fave for the price--this is more about cute packaging

  18. Happy 1 year! Congrats on making it thus far!