Thursday, May 8, 2014

California Smooth Treatment Review

I mentioned a sometime last week that I was going to try a smoothing treatment at home, with the California Smooth brand. I have previously used the Chi Envro Treatment, and you can find my review by clicking here ---> Chi Enviro.
California Smoothing treatment review, at home, DIY
The California Smoothing Treatment can be purchased on Amazon, or at a beauty supply store like CosmoProf. It is an all natural treatment, without chemicals. This is what the kit will look like. Some variations actually come in bottles, not packets. I found that there was plenty of product for my shoulder length hair. 
I'll show you how I did it, but let me preface this by saying I much preferred the Chi Enviro treatment. The California Smooth Treatment didn't really do much for me. It helped a little bit with the frizz, but beyond that my beauty routine for my hair really wasn't changed at all. --->See Chi Enviro! 
California Smoothing treatment review, at home, DIY
 California smoothing treatment, at home DIY
 If you decide to try the California Smooth - here are your steps!
1. Shampoo with the clarifying shampoo, twice.
2. Blow dry hair 100% dry.
3. Apply both Keratin Smoothing treatment packets (per the instructions). I used about a packet and a half. You can see in the photo above, my hair was pretty much saturated with the product, so I didn't apply any more per youtiube videos that I watched about application. I used a color applying brush to do this.
4. Apply a processing cap for 30 minutes.
5. Do not rinse! Blow dry treatment into hair until it is 100% dry.
6. Flat iron hair. Pass over each section 7 - 10 times. 
7. Do not wash hair for 3 days, and don't put anything in your hair that can cause a crease (bobby pin, headband, etc). Do not get hair wet.

-Cheaper than a professional treatment
-All natural, no chemicals 
-Relatively easy to apply without help

-I didn't see results
-My hair was super greasy the 2nd day and don't even talk about the 3rd! Even with dry shampoo, it was all I could do not to wash my hair (The Chi Enviro lets you wash your hair a lot sooner!! --->Chi Enviro), and I didn't even use the full 2 packets of product!  
-It was really hard not to put any kind of crease making hair accessories in my hair for 3 days
-My hair routine is unchanged

Overall, if you are looking for an at home alternative to a professional, costly straightening treatment, there are options that work. Maybe the California Smooth just didn't work for my hair type. I highly prefer the Chi Enviro over the Clalifornia Smooth. 

Have any of you ever tried these brands? What did you think?


  1. that's super interesting. I might give the other one a try.

  2. I've never done a Keratin treatment before! My hair gets greasy super easily so it makes me nervous! Great review girl!

    <3 Shannon

  3. I'm not sure if you saw my hair post, but I need to try the Chi one! I had a Brazilian Blowout once and it was awesome, I'd love to try an at home one.

  4. When I saw you doing this review on instagram I couldn't wait to read it! I Love your honesty and it is interesting to see how the two different systems worked totally different on your hair!


  5. I've never done a keratin treatment but everyone I've seen who got it done their hair looks amazing! My hair is stick straight so I never really saw a need for it. Great post!

    <3, Pamela

  6. I always wonder about these. I have naturally very curly hair and always wonder what the effect would be, I have this fear that if I did one my curls would never return back to normal - but i could definitely use something to combat the mass amounts of frizz I have on a daily basis!

  7. hmmm hate that your hair got so greasy and mine does pretty quickly anyway! ugh

  8. Aveda is coming out with some shampoo line that is like keratin shampoo....I've heard amazing reviews about it! Kinda excited to try it when it hits the shelves!

  9. Man, they put you through the wringer with no washing for 3 days AND no results. I'll definitely have to look into the Chi product. I didn't even realized there were at-home options! Love that!

  10. i got a little excited when you said all naturals and no chemicals but if it doesnt work, its no good :)

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  11. Thanks for an honest review of the product, you definitely got some important information out there, especially warning people about the greasy effect!

  12. This is a great review! Too bad it does not work as well as you would like! Thanks for sharing an honest review of it!!

  13. I have been looking into smoothing treatments and havent really seen any positive reviews on this one. So I know not to get this one! hahah

    Love Always,

  14. i've never tried these, so i'm glad you checked them out!! loved the review

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