Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big Hair Don't Care

I hope you all enjoyed your extra day off today, and the great warm weather! We didn't have any special weekend plans since our family lives out of town, but still enjoyed the pretty weather here. 
If you're anything like me, you have difficulty getting volume in your hair. And an even bigger problem getting it to stay there. Especially with all the humidity that the summer brings. I'm always tweaking my routine that I use, but here are the products that work great for me!
Spary volumizing mousse by Big Sexy Hair to gain volume
 The first thing I always start with when I want extra volume is a spray in mousse. I really like the Big Sexy Hair brand. The mousse is spray in that you can direct straight at your roots. Not to mention the big bottle. The only negative to this product is that you want to keep it at your roots, and not spread it down the hair shaft. When I get this product on the ends of my hair, I feel like it tends to make it frizzier than normal. 
Using Not Your Mother's Hairspray to achieve volume
After I blow dry my hair, I lift up sections and spray Not Your Mother's hairspray right at the root. I really love the smell of this, plus its super cheap. To get the full effect with this hairspray, you need a teasing brush. I like that it is really workable, and doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff.
How to use a teasing brush to get volume in your hair
 I really cannot get any volume without this brush. You can find them anywhere, even at Walmart. I spray my hairspray at the roots, and then immediately comb my hair in the wrong direction at the roots several times. Then, I flip it back over. I do this all over my scalp, with several layers of hair. 
How to use powder play by Big Sexy Hair to get big volume in your hair
 If you're not a hair spray person, this stuff works really great. It is a powder, that you sprinkle in at your roots to give your roots some volume. It doesn't have a smell and works pretty instantly. It doesn't give you quite as much workability as the hairspray. This works great for half up or all the way up styles. You can still tease with this too. 

I use all of these products on a weekly basis and highly recommend them! They are all pretty easy to work with, which is important to me since my hair skills are definitely at a minimum.
Covergirl Bombshell Mascara Review
Speaking of volume, I recently tried Covergirl bombshell volume mascara. My current go to mascara is Buxom, which I get at Sephora. The cost is a bit of a splurge, but it is so worth it. I decided to try this Covergirl kind to see if it held a candle to Buxom to see if I could save any money.
Overall, I wasn't super impressed. The mascara was decent by comparison. There are 2 steps, that I actually turn into 3. I use step 1 twice, and step 2 once. It's a little more time consuming to put on. But the worst part about this product, is how extremely hard it is to remove!! I feel like I am rubbing my eyelids off to remove this, which I hate. I even tried using a makeup wipe to see if it made it any easier, and it didn't. I feel like I never fully get it off and the layers just keep caking up on my lashes. 
The end result: I still highly recommend the Buxom brand. At $20, it is a splurge but worth every penny, and it lasts me a long time. If you ever get a chance to sample it, give it a go!

What are your volumizing hair and lash tricks?  


  1. I've been seeing Not Your Mother's everywhere and heard only great things...will need to check that out - and get a teasing brush lol!!

  2. I have heard the same about that mascara, too time consuming. I think I'll skip it haha.

  3. Seriously love my teasing brush!! I've never tried that hairspray before! I might have to try it next time to switch it up! Does it have good hold for when you curl your hair??

    <3 Shannon

  4. I need to try to find that teasing brush! I seriously never have any volume in my hair because it's so thin and fine. :( I love all the Big Sexy Hair products!!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I'm always so intrigued by products like this, but my hair is so long and heavy it's not even worth trying to give it anymore volume unless it hasn't been washed in like four days- and even then it's rough!

  6. I love big sexy hair products! They get them in at Marshalls often and my mother works there so she stays on the lookout for me lol. I love Not your mother's dry shampoo to add volume at the end of the day, esp during the summer months! It is a lifesaver for my hair. XO

  7. I need to get a teasing comb, I'm always in need of more volume!


  8. I need a teasing tutorial stat!!!! These products look like a great start to get some much needed volume in my fine hair!

  9. Love the teasing powder, it works great!

  10. I always use the teasing powder--its a miracle worker :) And you know what they say--the higher the hair the closer to God hehe!


  11. I love this post! I definitely am giving your products a try. I think they would work well when i do my big Texas barbie hair. :)

  12. i need to buy all of these! lol. why dont i have a teasing brush?!? clearly i need one.

  13. I really need to invest in a teasing brush and try that NYM She's a Tease spray. Does it make your hair stiff? I like a hairspray that's somewhat flexible and easy to brush through.

  14. Yes to the teasing brush, Not Your Mother's products and the mascara!! I use all three daily!!! That mascara is truly the best I have found!!

  15. Love this post!! The humidity immediately pulls any & all volume out of my hair and drives me crazy!! Some of these products I've tried (and need to repurchase) and others I haven't tried yet.

  16. A friend of mine uses Big Sexy Hair and swears by it, especially in the summertime!

  17. I tease my hair to the point of looking crazy! I am good at teasing, but getting it to stay all day is the hard part!

  18. I allllways do 2 coats of mascara. Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion is great at separating and Rimel Scandaleyes is great for adding some extra oomph!

  19. I love that teasing comb it is totally one of my favorites to get that big ole hair! Thanks for the recs girl! I love the Buxom mascara as well!

  20. Um, please just come do my hair for me! No matter what I do, I can never get cute volume! You're an Indianapolis girl right? Bloomington isn't that far! ;)
    And for eyes, I SWEAR by Better Than False Lashes by Too Faced. Splurge at $35 but the absolute best mascara set I've ever used.

    xo Kylie

  21. My favorite lash product by far is Benefit They're Real. It's so good. Worth the $23 a tube. :)

  22. Great ideas! I have fine hair so teasing is in my daily routine too! Thanks for the tips! Susan

  23. I love anything from Not Your Mothers!!! They are FANTASTIC! And I will have to try out that mascara!

    Love Always,

  24. not your mothers just sounds like it smells good with the infusion of apple blossom! i might use dry shampoo to "dirty" up clean hair that needs lift. i'm also not afraid to use lots of bobby pins!