Monday, May 19, 2014

Arm Party!

Hello Pretty Girls! I hope your weekends were all great! I was so excited to get back to the blog world today because I have so much to share with you! If you read my blog last week, you heard a whiff of the new project I have going on. And I am so pleased to say that the Featured Blogger Project is live! 
Each month, I will be featuring multiple blogs on the Featured Blogger tab (at the top of my page). Who better to start us off, than Paige from Style This Life at Etsy! She held an awesome giveaway that I ended up winning. Her items are pretty sweet, and I am so glad that I get to share them with you! Hop on over to the Featured Blogger tab to see her full bio. 
To stay up to date on the bloggers who get featured, or to be a featured blogger yourself, click the Featured Blogger tab and scroll to the bottom. You can also subscribe to the newsletter on the right side bar to stay up to date as well! It goes out THIS week - don't miss it!

This is why I am calling today's post an arm party! Paige sells the Tassel bracelets that are interchangeable, and the dainty gold necklace. (The other items are from Charming Charlies - we'll get there!) How awesome is it that the tassels can be switched out. I mean, talk about saving space in your jewelery vanity! And the endless options! The tassels come in silver or gold. The dainty gold necklace is so perfect, and can be a monogram initial or a symbol. You know how I love my ampersand signs, so that's what I chose.  
Style This Life Initial Necklace - Ampersand
Style This Life Tassle Bracelet
Charming Charlie Necklace
Charming Charlie Bracelets
I got these lovelies from Charmine Charlie - who can say no in that store? It's like magic when you walk in - you literally can't leave without handing over some money first. I bought the necklace with a very specific dress in mind, but just bought the bracelets to go with what I currently have. Not sure why I am loving all the initials lately, but I am! I highly recommend both of these place for cost effective and beautiful jewelery! 

To close out your Monday post, I can't help but post this picture. I saw it on my personal pinterest and just couldn't stop laughing and it has been saved on my phone ever since. 
I'm pretty sure I had this face on when I got Starbucks for the first time in like 3 weeks yesterday! 
Happy Monday girlies!
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  1. Those are so pretty and how fun that you can change and add as many as you want!! I'm excited to see all the bloggers you feature!

  2. Love your new feature - can't wait to find new blogs from it!


  3. those are so really cute choices!!

  4. Those bracelets are so cute!! Love the tassels! Can't wait to find new blogs from your featured section!

    <3 Shannon

  5. How cute!!! Love that they're interchangeable so you can mix it up! Fun!

    <3, Pamela

  6. this is such a great idea, and i love the tassels! that last pic, hilarious!

  7. I love that tassel bracelet even more now that I see you can switch out the tassels! So, so fun!

    Carly Blogs Here

  8. That tassel bracelet is on another level of awesome. I need to get myself one!

  9. How fun! This is such a great idea girl!! I am also obsessed with those tassels--that may just have to be a purchase I make in the very near future hehe :)


  10. How nice of you to share a blogger during each month and feature them here. And heck yes to all the gorg pieces you got!! The tassel bracelet is amazing!! My fave for sure!

  11. What a great new feature!!!! I'm definitely checking out your new section and that etsy shop so pretty!!!!!

  12. Love the idea of interchanging the tassels to match your outfit each day, such a creative idea!

  13. I love Charming Charlie's! It's awesome how everything is separated.

  14. I love those tassel bracelets! I want every color!

  15. Tassels are all the rage right now :) Love it.
    xo Erin

  16. Cute love the tassel trend right now :)


  17. What a fun idea to feature bloggers you love!! Also loving those tassels!!

  18. How cute! I've never seen bracelets with tassels. I could totally do that! And I love your idea of featured bloggers :)

  19. That tassel bracelet is so cute! I love it. And that picture of the dog made me laugh really hard!


  20. I love all of that jewelry! I really wish we had a Charming Charlies in Oklahoma, I'd be in trouble though haha.

  21. Love that tassel bracelet, what an awesome idea! I hear you on Charming Charlies, sometimes it's almost too over whemling, there is so many pretty things!

  22. Love the picture of that dog! And I love the tassles!

    Love Always,