Monday, April 28, 2014

DIY Gel Manicure

DIY gel manicure or polish manicure - do it yourself!
So many of you asked me how to do this pretty mani at home like I did when I posted it to instagram a few weeks ago. The tutorial is here! It took me a bit to post because I had to wait until the old mani wore off before I could apply a new one and take pictures of the process - thankfully my sister allowed me to take pics of here applying it to herself. 
The best news is that you can make this a gel mani or a regular polish mani, depending on what supplies you like to use at home! Mine is gel, but the steps are the same for regular polish. (I use a CND UV gel lamp to do all my gel manicures. You can find this on amazon, and it is so worth the investment!)
Here are the supplies you'll need:
Gel or polish manicure - do it yourself!
 Gel or Polish manicure - do it yourself! 
For gel manis, use your gel bottom, color, and top coat like you do when you normally paint your nails. 
For polish, use the bottom and top coat from the kit. The middle "nail colored" color coat is optional, but I recommend using a nude color. 
You can get the nail tips from Dashing Divas online, or amazon ---> its cheaper on amazon! You can get the glue at both those places too. You can also purchase these at any CosmoProf store if you have access. For the gel process, you do not need the whole kit. Just the nails and glue. For the polish process, you will most likely need the kit.
Gel or polish manicure - do it yourself!
1--->Find what sizes fit each of your nails best before you start. They provide you with a card to write these numbers down for each hand. There are 14 different sizes.
2--->Hold each size up to the nail to confirm the fit.
3--->Put a tiny drop of glue on the very top of your nail on each side. You don't really need a drop anywhere else. 
4--->Paint the strip of white on the plastic piece with a layer of glue. 
5--->Place the white strip on your nail where you want it, using the plastic to hold on to. Hold in place for about 10 seconds. It will look like picture number 5, and should have the plastic tab still attached.
6--->Now it's time to take off the plastic. Gently grab the plastic tab hanging off the nail downward. You should see the plastic part on your nail start to lift. Grasp the plastic part that is coming off of your nail and bend it toward the other plastic grip tab. The plastic piece should only be attached to the white strip by one little section now. 
7--->Cut through that remaining section with some nail scissors. Then file down any left over plastic parts.
8--->Then, apply your nail polishes in order like you normally do when you gel or polish.
Gel or polish manicure - do it yourself!
Let your nails dry, and then you have a perfect manicure! It's not near as hard as it sounds, I promise! And it only takes about 30 minutes to do (probably less for the non gel version). I am so happy with the results, and it is so worth it!
Have a Happy Monday!!
PS - This week Kay, Juliette, Sarah and I are linking up with all of you to roast a little bit. I'm sure you are wondering what we are going to roast on. If you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say it at all. There has never been a truer statement. But how many times do we stand in the mirror and roast ourselves in our head? It's not being said, but it's still having a negative effect on our confidence and self-image. Our link-up is no regular roast. It's gonna be a Honey Roast, for yourself! So stop vinegar roasting yourself, and pour some honey into your day. 

Next Thursday, May 1st. Start your month off right! 


  1. This is great - I didn't realize that you used tips for the white portion - definitely makes it a bit easier!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I'm totally going to have to try this!! It's so cute and probably lasts way longer than a regular manicure! I hate how quickly my manis chip. I totally didn't realize you used tips, that's really smart!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Omgsh I seriously have never seen this and need to try it! I have seen the plastic tips but never knew how to use them (and I was a cosmetologist ha!), cannot wait to give myself a proper french mani at home :)


  4. Ohh your nails look so good! I love the look of a french manicure but I need to work on shaping my nails in general first!

  5. I had no idea those tips existed! Looks great girl :)

  6. I am OBSESSED with that cofee cup, my friend. I remember seeing them at Starbucks and feeling like I desperately needed one. haha!

    Your nails look super awesome by the way! I just might have to give this a go!

  7. I never would have guessed your nails weren't professionally done! They came out great!

  8. I'm gonna have to try this! I like the clean look of it.

  9. This looks amazing!!! I need to try this....

  10. Nice job! I am not sure I am as talented as you!
    Mine would probably look terrible!

  11. Love at home gel manicures - they are the best! I may need to get some of those tips!