Monday, April 14, 2014

Bridal Shower Shenanigans!

Yes, I would say my sister's bridal shower this weekend was a success! I was a bit nervous about it all coming off smoothly, but it was great and to top it all off we had exceptional weather! I tried to cut down the pictures in this post to my favorite few, but this will be more picture-heavy than most of my posts. But I promise you'll see lots of DIY projects in the backgrounds, and lots of ideas for your own parties in the future (and not just for bridal showers!). 
I DIY'ed (a word?!) all of the decorations myself because, let's face it, the cost added up on Etsy. No way I was going to pay for these when I could do it myself. And then I did it myself. And then I say why those people charge so much. Not super hard, but time consuming. But so worth it!
We took advantage of some left over time before the guests arrived and took some pictures with our mom - can you guess who is my and who is my sister :)
Okay, okay - I'll tell you, I'm in the red :) I was so proud of all my DIY decorations that it was so hard to decide which pictures to put on here and show off. These made the cut!
 The favors were flavored popcorn from a little shop in Santa Claus, Indiana where my husband is from. So so good! It was hard not to sample them all before putting them in the bag. PS - cookies and cream was the best!
 We played Bridal Bingo (template found online) and He Said/She Said (template DIY'ed). The bingo game turned out much better than I even imagined that it would! And of course, I had to designate my sister's spot with a cute little sign! And would you believe that I found those huge diamond rings by the hydrangeas at the Christmas Tree shop?!
 THESE TASSELS are the reason people charge an arm and a leg on Etsy!! Doable, but very time consuming. Consider yourself warned if you attempt this project. But don't they look oh so pretty??
 The guests had to guess how many pearls were in the jar - a feat apparently harder than I thought. Most people were wrong but more than half. Our math skills need some brushing up. Don't worry, we aren't nurses are anything. (I hope you caught my sarcastic tone through the typing).
And all the girlies were so patient and played into all my little games and plans. Maybe the awesome prizes motivated them :) Jussssttttt kidddiiinnnnggg!
 Of course, the food was awesome and you best believe I will be eating all those cake leftover in probably less that 24 hours. Again, this cake topper was a B***H to make. I found out why they aren't cheap on Etsy. However, I felt so accomplished after I finished it :)
 You can't have a party without baby cheesecakes. You can find the recipe by clicking HERE, where I did a previous post about them.
 I only posted this to show how really twin-like we are. Even our terrible posture is the same! Ohhh twinnyy.
And of course, she got to open her gifts while playing Bridal Bingo. Each guest filled out a bingo card of gifts purchased off the registry and as she opened got to mark them off until they got a bingo. 
I was super jealous of the toiletry bags she got. I may have to steal them. Shhh.

How about you - was your weekend a success too?! Let's hope this Monday gets off to a great start!


  1. This is seriously soooo stinkin cute! You did an ahmazing job--I LOVE all the glittery things :) You guys are totally twinsies :)


  2. You did a fantastic job with everything and I love the colors you chose!! Also saw that you did a french gel mani - you'll have to do a tutorial!! :)

  3. I LOVE the idea of bridal bingo! I feel like it takes a little pressure off everyone just sitting around watching you open everything-- hopefully I'm not the only weird person who feels slightly awkward doing that! The decorations turned out AMAZING! You have so much talent!! Do you have a DIY post on the tassels? If not you should definitely do one :)

  4. Great job with all the decorations! They turned out awesome, and your maxi dress is really cute!

  5. What an awesome shower, so cute! You 3 are gorgeous! Love those dresses :)

  6. You did such an amazing job!!! I think you have a second (side) job option waiting in the wings for you ;-)

  7. What pretty details! You all look gorgeous!

  8. You are a rock star!! All the decorations were ADORABLE!! I need to hire you!! :) And I want your dress!! Where did you get it??

  9. yay for bridal showers! absolutely gorgeous!

  10. LOVE the decor! Everything is so adorable! :)

  11. Love both your and your sisters maxis! So glad the party was a success, everything looks great!

  12. that's super cute! I wish I have a sister like you so when I get engaged I'll have someone to do this for me :P


  13. Wow!! Everything came out amazing!!! You go girl!! Maybe you need to start an Etsy shop! ;)

    <3 Shannon

  14. All that hard work definitely paid off- the shower looks like a hit!

  15. This shower is just adorable! I love DIY and this is all fabulous! Nice Job! You are a great sister!

  16. Looks like a fun shower. Good job on the decorations. :) Super cute.

  17. Oh wow, what a beautiful bridal shower! The DIY decorations look absolutely amazing! If I didn't know you made them yourself I would have thought you bought them in a store - they're just so fabulous! Your sister is very lucky! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  18. Oh my gosh!! So cute. You did an awesome job!!

  19. What a precious shower! Your DIY decorations are precious! xo

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