Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Link Up #2 Features!

There's no new link up this week - my work shifts just fell on the wrong days to be able to prepare. However, it will be returning next Tuesday, December 17th! For the link up, link up any post of the past few weeks that has to do with Christmas! It can be fashion, DIY, recipe, decorations, etc. I'll pick a few favorites that link up to feature on my blog the following Tuesday! 
Here are some of my favorite link ups from last week! I loved them all, you guys are so sweet and awesome for linking up with me!

Meet Rebecca from Red Tag Chic! She linked up with a post about the above outfit! I love following her blog, she has awesome fashion sense and always seems to pick out styles that i would actually wear! Now only if everything she blogged would go straight into my closet...plus, her name is awesome :) Head on over to her blog and check her out by clicking here.
This is Taylor from Tattered to Taylored! I found her through this link up, and I am so glad I did! She does a lot of DIY's, which you all know that I love. She seems so sweet, and I enjoy reading her blog every time she posts something new. You can click here to be taken to her link up about making your own Christmas banner, and while you are there follow her blog! you won't be sorry!

Since there is no link up this week, I thought I would announce that I started a pinterest account for my blog! It is an archive of all my posts, as well as inspiration for my future posts and creative endeavors. You can follow me there by searching for A Girl And Her Sparkles, or click on the link to the right in my side bar!
Don't forget to link up next Tuesday the 17th for the Potluck Christmas link up!


  1. I have recently renewed my obsession with Pinterest - I'll have to find you on there!
    - Catherine

  2. Great oufit posted above!


  3. Things happen, work always get in the way of what I want to do on my blog (such is life, I guess!) I'm obsessed with Pinterest too!

  4. Yay I am following you on Pinterest now!

  5. I still haven't hopped on the Pintrest train yet. When I do, I'll add you!

  6. Darn work! Thanks for sharing your pinterest! Will check it out!