Monday, September 16, 2013

Make up board and brush holder DIY!

This make up board is a project that my husband helped me with about a year ago, and it is one of my favorite do it yourself projects that we have done! I saw several of these boards on pinterest, and so I researched them and came up with my version. It's my favorite part of our bathroom!

Here is what you'll need:

-glue gun
-3M adhesive spray glue (optional)
-magnet strip roll, found at any craft store
-1 yard of fabric
-sturdy 3M velcro backing or screws
-magnetic board (there are many choices)

First you need to pick your magnetic board type. You can use a cookie sheet, which is a fairly cheap option and seemed to be popular on pinterest. My husband picked up a sheet of thick metal at Menards (his favorite store). He was picky about what would hang on his wall. Anything that a magnet will stick to will work as long as it is flat. If you are using screws to attatch this to the wall (not necessary, just an option), then you will want to go ahead and make the holes for those before you go any further. My husband used a fancy tool in his garage for that. Not sure what kind - unfortunately I am not super helpful in that department. Don't worry, like I said you do not have to screw this to the wall. There is another way to mount it.
You will then wrap it in your fabric of choice and glue onto the back side with the glue gun. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. They had several really cute choices! Make sure you go slow and get it completely flat laying on the front of the board. You don't want wrinkles or your makeup wont stick. You can also use 3M adhesive spray glue to make this easier, but it is not absolutely necessary.

After this dries, you can attach it to the wall! You can do it via screws, as in the picture (my husband bought me decorative accessories for around the screws):

Or, you can use sturdy 3M velcro backing. EITHER way will work. This board hung both ways. When I lived in my apartment, I did not want to screw into my wall in the bathroom. So I used 3M backing (the cheaper and easier option). It worked just as well as the screws. My husband just insisted on screwing it into the wall when I moved in to the house.

You will then use your magnetic strip and cut it to fit the back of your makeup accessories.

 I did not rely on the magnetic backing alone to hold up my makeup. I did not want it to fall and break the cakes of my makeup. So I used the hot glue gun to attach. And viola! You have a clutter free way to contain your makeup.

I also made my makeup brush holder!

I used an old Yankee candle jar that we had burned to the bottom. I cleaned out all the wax - if you have questions on how to do this difficult task just ask! It was not easy! I then purchased the stones from Hobby Lobby. I use it to stick my brushes in that don't fit in my makeup roll to keep them off the counter. I use a mason jar to hold my hair ties and head bands.

I hope this inspires you to make your own makeup board! How have you organized your bathroom?