Thursday, September 19, 2013

Get Your Shoes in Order!

Being a night shift nurse, I am often up at random times throughout each night. (Thankfully, my husband works nights too!). Last night being one of those nights, I decided to be productive. By that, I mean something came over me and I decided to organize and clean out our bathroom and closet. I think i may have even been a little bit sick. (I hate to clean).

I recently did a post on organizing your make up here.
I decided to continue on with that theme with my post today! If you are like me, I have shoes, shoes, shoes everywhere! It was driving me crazy! Here are my organizing tips to get your shoes in order!

DIY Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Storage
                              (Nude heels from Charlotte Russe and Windsor)

 I found this idea on pinterest. Unfortunately when I pinned it, it was just the picture and no tutorial. Thankfully, my husband hates to read directions and he figured out how to make me one anyway. This is a similar tutorial that I looked up for you in case you are interested! It's not exactly the same as mine, but close enough.

Does anyone else besides me hate that tall boots won't stand up straight? When they fall over, they leave creases that totally show when you wear them. 

DIY Boot Storage

So here is my solution:

How to Store Your Boots
                        (Boots from: Buckle, Dottie Couture, Ugg, Charming Charlie's)

I use my extra pillow cases and old towels to do the trick! I roll them up and place them inside the boot. This keeps the tops from falling over! And cheap too :) It also keeps my closet much more organized.

I am still trying to brain storm the best way to store my flats and sandals during the summer instead of the closet floor, but haven't found the million dollar idea yet. 

How do you store your shoes?

PS - If you haven't visited Dottie Couture or Charming Charlie's, you totally should! I love their boots!


  1. im loving the nude heels ;) nice blog!

  2. I love this idea, very cute!


  3. Great idea for storing shoes - all of your shoes are so nice too!:)xx

  4. I am in desperate need for a way to organize my shoes. This is a great suggestion!