Friday, August 30, 2013

Shampoo and more!

I have tried several new hair products over the past month and I wanted to share them with you! If you are like me, it can be a challenge at times to find hair products that work for my fine oily-prone hair. The products I have used this month have worked amazing!

About a month ago, I tried the Chi Enviro Smoothing treatment. Right after using the product my hair dried so straight and smooth, and humidity couldn't touch it! (My review is here). I was skeptical of how long this would last. The product claimed it would last 4 months. It has been 30 days since the application. My hair dries a little bit more wavy than just after the product was applied. I expected this. But for the most part, my hair still air dries straight. The best part is, my hair does so much better in the humidity! My hair used to frizz up like a cotton ball even with low humidity. But now only on really rainy nasty days does my hair frizz up. And even then, nothing like it used to! I am going to continue to follow up with this product, but so far it still receives an "A" in my book!

My other go to product that I have been using for months is Rockaholic Dry Shampoo.
It is great on my fine hair! It doesn't leave a residue on my hair, and I feel that it adds volume. My hair feels clean after using it, but without damaging it by washing and blow drying every day (the whole point of dry shampoo right?) The best part is you don't have to buy it at a salon and I have found it on clearance a few times a meijer - always bargain shopping. 
There are a few tricks to application. Less is more. You can always add more if it didn't do the trick. Spraying too much on will create a residue on your hair and make it more unmanageable. Shake the can before use, and spray in short bursts to the areas you need it. Give it a few seconds to settle in and then comb through. I used to be a wash my hair every day type of girl because I have an oily scalp. But not with this stuff. The first two weeks I started using it my hair did have an adjustment period getting used to being washed less. But now I only wash my hair every other day and I feel like it is so much healthier!

I recently just bought this new shampoo and conditioner after my sister tried it.
It's Jennifer Aniston's Living Proof line. My sister tried the anti-frizz kind and loved it. I bought the Restore line. The little black bottle was free with my Sephora points. It is a "hair primer" - if you want to call it that. It is supposed to extend your style. I have been using that as well. 
I love the shampoo. It is light weight but leaves my hair feeling clean and SO soft. My hair styles great with it even when I put other products in. It did great with the Rockaholic dry shampoo the second day. The "primer"
did it's job well, but I feel like no better job than any other product of this type would. I was more impressed with the shampoo and conditioner, however I will still continue to use the prime as well. I liked the scent, but it is not as evident as other shampoos. The down side to these products is that they are a bit more expensive for a smaller bottle; in my opinion they are worth it so far. I was disappointed to find that this line does not carry a dry shampoo, as I wanted to buy a sample size and try it out. So for now I am sticking with the Rockaholic. I hope to try the deep conditioner of the Living Proof brand soon. 

Thanks for reading!

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