Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Wine Glass - Bridesmaid gift!

This is a super simple DIY! For my wedding, I wanted to get my bridesmaids wine glasses to drink our mimosas out of on the morning of the wedding. I wanted to be able to get them a few other things as well, so I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for 9 wine glasses. So I decided to do it myself! The total cost at the end was about $3 per glass; you can't beat that! The other cool thing about it was I could do whatever I wanted and use what colors I wanted for each girl. Here was my finished product:

DIY Bridesmaid Gift

You will need:
-painters tape
-a "pouncer" sponge brush
-glass paint

DIY Wine Glass

I got my glasses at the dollar store for $1 each! The sponge brush you can get at any craft store, and probably even Walmart. I used Martha Stewart glass paint (from Micheal's). She has several different types, but I wanted to use the "Pearl" shimmer kind, because I love glitter :) Here's a close up of the paint. If you use the "Pearl" paint, I will tell you that the gold color turned out pretty ugly. I was glad I had gotten an extra glass to practice on because I ended up tossing the gold glass out.

DIY Painted Wine Glass
 First, you'll need to tape off any parts that you need to paint in the middle of the glass. I did not need to tape anything off on the stem of the glasses, but I did need to tape off the stripe in the middle. If you stick to painting the edges of the glass, you may not need tape. I stayed away from painting around the mouth. Be very careful about making straight lines with the tape. It can be really tricky on a rounded glass. (I recruited my hubby for help!)
Next, you can paint! I used two coats on mine, allowing an hour dry time in between each coat. 

After the last coat is mostly dry, you can gently peel off the tape. You will need to let the paint "cure" to be able to wash the glasses later. You can either bake them (instructions are on the paint box), or you can let them air dry for 21 days. I baked mine - I was nervous about how this would turn out - but it turned out great! I will warn you, there was a little bit of a funny smell while baking.

That's it! You're finished! The possibilities are endless with this project - you can ombre the glasses, polka dots, multiple stripes, etc. Pretty much anything goes here. And all for $3 a glass! My girls gave me lots of compliments on these, and were even more impressed that I had made them myself! Not to mention that it was really fun to do. Go get creative!!