Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment - Does it work?!

Chi Enviro Review
 My hair has a natural wave and curl to it. With that natural wave comes a natural frizziness that is present with any humidity whatsoever. My sister gets the professional brazilian blowouts from our hairdresser. However, I just cannot make myself pay the hundreds of dollars for it. 
Since her hair takes very well to these treatments, I decided to try an "at home version" and see if it worked. After doing research, I decided on the Chi Enviro because it had the best reviews. I got mine from a Cosmo Prof store, but they are also available on Amazon. It looks like this:
Chi Enviro Treatment Review

I will warn you -  I read several reviews that say if you color your hair this will strip the color right off. I have never colored my hair, so I had no issues with this. I would reconsider doing this if your hair is color treated. 
You will need a couple of things to complete this treatment. One thing I HIGHLY suggest is a second person. I have no idea how I would have done this myself, especially when it came to the back of my head. It is also not a short process. From the time I washed my hair with their shampoo to the final result, it took approximately 2 hours. My arm would have been so tired if I would have done that myself. And my hair isn't even very long. Is it a long process? - Yes! Is it worth it in the end? YES!!
Here are the supplies you will need :
Chi Enviro DIY
I already had most of this. The instructions said to use a CHI flat iron and blow dryer. I used the kind I already had, which is a Babyliss dryer and flat iron. The key is to have a flat iron that heats up to at least 410 degrees to seal in the treatment. Mine heats up to 450. Also keep in mind this is a smoothing treatment, not a straightening treatment.

It will give you very similar effects, but you may need to do a bit of flat ironing at times after air drying. If you are willing to shell out the big bucks like my sister, she lets her hair air dry and it is pin straight. With the smoothing treatment, mine air dries much straighter than it did, but I did need to flat iron a few stray pieces (less than 5 min of my time).

This is my hair before in all its wavy glory:

 And this was my hair a day after the treatment was done:

  I am in LOVE with it so far. This is supposed to last for 4 months. Time will tell if it does (I will let you know). I even spent all day outside yesterday at a baseball game (Go Cardinals!) in high humidity and it still looked perfect when I got home!! Some helpful info:
-When you are sealing your treatment in with your flat iron, it WILL feel like there is product in your hair. It felt kind of gross to me, but I pushed through. It will feel better as the day goes on, especially if you comb it. One downside you will experience is your hair may look greasy after the first 15 hours. This is normal.
-As you are sealing in the treatment, your hair and flat iron may steam. According to reviews I read, this is a very common occurrence. Mine did steam at times.
-The instructions say to wait 24hrs before washing your hair again. I cheated a bit and washed mine about 7 hours early. My hair does not seem to have suffered from doing this, but if you have the time I would wait the full day. 
-For those wondering, I have medium to fine hair that has never been colored. I wash my hair every second or third day. It is wavy to curly in consistency.
-We used gloves to put the treatment on. I think you would be okay without, but we wanted to be on the safe side. 
-I can't stress enough to have someone help you!
-I used a tinting brush to put the product on.
-Follow the instructions!

I would definitely recommend this treatment to others, especially if it lasts as long as it says its supposed to. It cuts my styling time in half! I am very happy with my frizz-free hair for a cheaper cost!

Have a happy hair day!


  1. Nice post.Curly hairs are not straitening always. So we should take much hard work to look natural. You have post some valuable points. Thanks for sharing this with us. If you know about hair treatment then visit

  2. Ive been using this treatment by almost two years i love it my natural hair is curly and rys haha it looks like a lions hair but after i started this it is so soft and shiny i love it first i went somewhere to do ot and now im doing it by myself

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