Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Wedding Shabby-Chic!

I thought I would start my blog off with something easy to write about - our wedding! It consumed a lot of our time for eleven months, and most of the elements of our wedding were Do-It-Yourself as we were on a budget. 

For starters, I wanted a "shabby-chic" look without being too formal. We were determined to make the wedding have a look of our own. As stressful as wedding planning was (especially without a wedding planner) I loved that we made it all ourselves and could literally have exactly what we wanted. I can't take credit for all of the photography, which was done by Sunlit Images in Greenwood, Indiana. Josh is amazing and I would recommend him for anyone :)

Our back drop and head table were by far the most labor intensive part of the wedding. But I was in love with it!! I searched forever on pinterest and etsy for what I envisioned but I just couldn't find it. And when I found something close, it was way too expensive, as most things with the "wedding" label are. So I took bits and pieces of many ideas to come up with the final product. Everything you see here we did ourselves!

DIY Shabby Chic Wedding

DIY Country Wedding

I wanted to create something meaningful for guest favors, and not something that would get thrown out as soon as people got home. So I came up with these little numbers :) They were a hit!

DIY Wedding Favors

We came up with many other details to put a sense of our personalities into the wedding (and be cost effective)! Pew bows, a vintage football for the garter toss (my husband played football at Holy Cross in Boston), our seating chart, etc.

DIY Wedding Pew Bows

Country Wedding

DIY Wedding Seating Board

DIY Wedding Decorations

This last one is my personal favorite, and one of Sunlit Images :) It was one idea that we came up with that ended up being the start of our "theme" for future planning.

Our invitations we made ourselves as well, but that will have to be for another day, as there would be too many pictures to upload for that. (Also another labor-heavy project, but so worth it cost wise!)

I want to spend my next few posts on some of the ventures that resulted from wanting to make our day perfect, and show you how to do them yourself and the steps I took; even if just to modify it to make it your own and get you started! Some are incredibly easy, and others took much more time. But I think this will be a great start!

Happy Crafting!

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